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National Board "R" Stamp

The Importance of an "R" Stamp

   When repairing boilers and pressure vessels, the quality of materials, procedures followed and workmanship performed are as important to the final product as they are to the initial construction.  “R" Stamp repair is a repair done under an extensively drafted code according to geographical locations, insurance requirements, and State Law.

   Since 1911, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has written code standards for boilers and pressure vessels. These code requirements are for the purpose of ensuring public safety and the highest standards of construction as it pertains to pressure vessels.

   The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code is a set of requirements which must be met when performing repairs to boilers and pressure vessels. In 1975, the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors realized that the lack of quality repairs could lead to a catastrophic failure. They approved the issuance of a National Board Repair "R" Stamp and the Certificate for Authorization to qualified organizations, such as American Boiler Company.

   When selecting a boiler repair company, the "R" Stamp is your assurance that both materials and workmanship meet ASME and National Board Code standards – and selecting American Boiler Company is your assurance of service that sets the standard. 

   American Boiler Company is the qualified company to call for all your certified "R" stamps projects.

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