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     American Boiler has been providing boiler services to the Midwest since 1984, with our emphasis being on the quality of our work. “American” has always meant quality, and we strive to uphold that tenet.

     While other companies provide some types of boiler and other mechanical services, we are committed to being specialists in the boiler field, making this our focus for over 25 years. Because of this, we can provide a level of service above and beyond our competition for all your boiler needs. Whether you require a new installation, routine maintenance, or a major or minor repair, we are here to serve you.

Bruce Goracke
Bruce Goracke - Owner & President

     Our ability to provide this high quality service comes from a very experienced crew and a professional staff. Some of our employees have been with the company since it’s inception in 1984. Others have been with the company for numerous years, or have an abundance of experience. We believe this level of experience leads to a job done right, not just done. We believe in the use of quality equipment and materials and don't believe in cutting corners. This philosophy translates into short and long term savings for our customers, and gives them peace of mind as well. We trust that you will find that our level of expertise is high, and manner of service is friendly and professional.

    Contact us at any time with your commercial boiler installation, maintenance and repair needs or questions, or to request a quote.

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