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     American Boiler Company was founded in 1985, by James E. (Jim) Marvin. At the time, Jim already had many years of experience in the boiler business. Over the last 25 years, the company has built a solid reputation for quality, reliability, friendliness and true professional service. American Boiler is a leading regional service company that specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, processing and power boiler systems used in commercial, industrial and multi-family properties. While other companies may provide a vast variety of different kinds of mechanical or other services, and dabble in the boiler field as well, our specialty is boilers. Because of this, we are able to provide insightful know how, quality materials, unparalleled workmanship, and generally a level of overall service above and beyond our competition. These aspects of our service to our customers provide them short and long term cost savings as well as peace of mind, knowing their equipment is installed or repaired safely and by experts in the field.

Jim Marvin
Jim Marvin - Founder & Vice President

     Daily hands-on management by the company’s President and key personnel provide personal service and attention to detail on every job. “American” has always meant quality and American Boiler Company works hard to uphold that standard.

     American Boiler offers a full range of services, including: boiler installation and startup; tube replacement; welding repairs; cast iron boiler repairs; fire brick, refractory and dry oven replacement; code required boiler inspections; boiler cleaning and burner service.

     With a seasoned crew, including a field staff of highly experienced boiler technicians, we provide long-lasting solutions, not just a quick fix. Our commitment to quality service has resulted in a roster of more than 1000 satisfied customers -- and the list continues to grow each day!

American Boiler Company
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