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Boiler Repair

     American Boiler Company provides a comprehensive selection of boiler repair services.

     Our services include:

Retubing Partial or complete retubing, Watertube & firetube boilers. We stock domestic tubes -- all sizes and gauges.
Welding & Fabrication All welding repairs; boiler shell plate, tubesheets, headers, staybolts, handholes/ manholes, faceplates, doors, breechings & supports. Pipe Fabrication: steam, water & gas piping to ASME or API code, X-Ray quality welding.  For more information on American Boiler Company's welding services, see National Board "R" Stamp.
Appurtenances, Auxiliaries & Fittings Safety, blowdown, stop & check valves; gauges, test connections, watercolumn piping, feed pumps, cutoffs, preheaters & backflow preventers.
Refractory Firebrick chambers, burner tile, venturi rings, dry oven rings & all refractory repairs.
Cast Iron Boilers Replacement of sections, seals, pushnipples, headers & manifolds.
Hot Water Coils Replacement or repairs
Mixing Valves Rebuilding or replacement
     Please Contact us to discuss your boiler repair needs.
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